Moisture-rich olive oil has positive benefits. Our lab-tested EVOOs win world awards for their attributes including:

  • High Oleic Acid – Monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.  The higher the oleic acid, the better the oils stand up in oxidation;

  • High Polyphenol Count – Polyphenols increase antioxidants in the body in both humans and animals.  A more peppery, pungent, and robust taste, indicates a higher level if polyphenols;

  • Low Peroxide Value – a very low peroxide value is desirable, no more than 20.

  • Low Free Fatty Acids (FFA) –The lower the FFA the better, which are triggered by exposure to light, high temperatures, and oxygen;


Olive oil has been found to feed the immune system by helping to protect against viruses and fight diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and regular consumption of olive oil lowers levels of blood cholesterol. Studies indicate that people who consume a Mediterranean style diet rich in olive oil are less likely to develop arthritis and have a reduced risk of type II diabetes.  Visit Olive Alchemy, the only tasting room in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles to provide this detailed chemistry on every single olive oil.







"Consuming 3 

tablespoons of EVOO a day keeps the aging heart young"


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