aged balsamic vinegar barrels

Directly sourced for us from Modena, Italy, our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (Condimento) contains only grape "must" (skins, seeds and stems), cooked over an open wood fire in copper kettles. Using the traditional Solera Method, the Balsamic goes through an ageing process in a succession of specific wood barrels (mulberry, oak, cherry, juniper and ash), each with residue amounts of older balsamic dating back up to 18 years. 


The rich, mellow and flavorful outcome combines beautifully with the many flavors you will find infused in our range of Dark and White Balsamic. Naturally caramelized without artificial coloring, thickeners, or sweeteners, this fine Balsamic vinegar, aged up to 18 years, is offered in Traditional and over 30+ original infused natural flavors.  Visit our tasting room in the San Fernando Valley, just over the hill from Los Angeles, to try this unique and decadent Balsamic of Modena.





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