olive oil for your pet

SHARE the love!  Olive oil has many of the same benefits for dogs, cats, horses and other animals as it does for our overall health and well-being, inside and out!  Keep a fresh bottle on hand to add to your own fur babies' meals and beauty routines.

Adding just one spoonful of EVOO to your pet's meal will benefit them in countless ways.


Additionally, EVOO can be used topically on your pets:

  • it on their coat prior to bathing to form a mask and retain moisture,

  • 1-2 drops of olive oil in each ear if your dog suffers from Otitis,

  • to itchy spots to give some relief.


Cat Owners - Add olive oil to your cat’s diet to decrease hairballs and help maintain a healthy coat.


Horse Owners – Apply olive oil to their hooves instead of chemical-filled products.  Use it for grooming and help heal minor wounds and sores, and add to their food for overall health and shiny manes and tails.


For medicinal assistance - Coat a pill in olive oil to help medications go down smoothly (and give your pet an extra boost of antioxidants!).

Stop by our tasting room in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley and let us help you choose the best EVOO for your furry friend.













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