There are two valid reasons to consume extra virgin olive oil: to impart flavor to food, and to reap the health benefits associated with it. 


TASTING – Distinctive varietals provide a full range of flavors and intensities, from the mild Arbequina to the moderate but full-flavored Hojiblanca, to the medium and well-rounded Picual – with many more in-between.  Intensity is usually tied to phenolic quantity, and correlates to the natural peppery finish.


Like a fresh squeezed fruit juice – over time, such flavors and nutrients fade.  Good olive oil is not dependent on its country of origin, but rather, how it is produced.  What is important is not where, but how and when the olives were picked and crushed, their flavor profile, and unique chemistry.  Old, poorly made and improperly stored olive oil yields few, if any, health benefits and an undesirable flavor.  Through its direct sourcing to Los Angeles, Olive Alchemy ensures our oils' life cycle – FROM TREE TO TAP.


Becoming familiar with a particular oil’s flavor characteristics, chemistry, and crush date, will help in choosing  THE BEST OLIVE OIL FOR YOU.  Look to our recipes for more ideas on combining EVOO with Balsamic and food.








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